Airtightness measures of the amount of air leaking from your home. A building with poor airtightness will lose a significant amount of heat as warm air escapes. Warm, damp air leaking into the fabric of the house can also lead to condensation. Current Building Regulations have a minimum airtightness of 10m3/h/m2.  To achieve a Code for Sustainable Homes Level 3, an airtightness level of 3m3/h/m2 is required.

Frame TechnologiesTM is able to exceed both of these specifications with airtightness as low as 1m3/h/m2, should your project require it.

  • With the need to control air leakage as defined in Approved Document L of the Building Regulations, we can supply effective barriers to assist in the reduction of air leakage, which includes:
  • Membranes and/or tapes for sealing joints or apertures around building services.
  • Airtightness detailing in critical areas such as intermediate floor to external wall panels.
  • Battens to form service zones to reduce the need for penetration through the barriers.
  • By using OSB sheathing on internal face of external walls then taped gives excellent results.