Site Visit & Delivery

Once the design process is up and running and nearing completion you will be contacted by one of our Site Install Managers in order to arrange a site visit.  Besides meeting with your appointed Project Manager and establishing your new point of contact for the construction phase, the purpose of this visit is to assess: Site access & conditions for deliveries on artics, possible obstructions, scaffold requirements and any other potential consideration.

Foundations are a key element to a smooth project. Foundations should be set out using the approved soleplate drawing as this will ensure that the timber frame will fit precisely. Foundations should be installed to line and level tolerances of +/- 5mm. Again this will ensure a good fit during the erection process. Please make sure these are checked prior to the arrival of the timber frame

Scaffold details are provided within the quotation documents but should also be discussed at the initial site meeting with your Project Manager. It is usually a good idea for your scaffolding contractor to attend the meeting. Any concerns you have during the build should be raised with your appointed Site Install Manager who will monitor and control the erect process.

Once complete we will arrange a sign off meeting. This process provides an opportunity to review the build, inspect and raise any concerns or queries that you may have prior to handover of the structure to follow on trades. During this meeting we will complete a thorough checklist ensuring that the structure complies with the strict tolerances and standards that we are required to work.