Timber Frame

Strength, Precision and Exceptional Design 

Frame TechnologiesTM offers a wide range of timber frame solutions including a full supply and erect package or alternatively, our clients can opt for supply only.  The package will include any engineered timber products or roof systems. 

Timber frame delivers quality and value together with enhanced performance, onsite safety, speed of construction and sustainability. As a responsible organisation, Frame Technologies are committed to sourcing timber from well managed forests with full traceability including FSC® and PEFC.

Frame TechnologiesTM has developed a breathable Closed Panel System to address the areas of thermal bridging and air leakage. The New TechVantageTM System helps close the Performance gap. The TechVantageTM-S Series is based on a single panel system with U-Values ranging from 0.15 to 0.24 W/m2K.  The TechVantageTM-T Series is a development of our Twin Wall Frame System with U-Values ranging from 0.09 to 0.13W/m2K using a standard 270mm deep panel. 

These solutions have been designed to deliver excellent thermal and airtightness properties and are ideal as the basis of a modern energy efficient home and have been created to meet the demands of architects and self-builders.

Here are some more compelling reasons to select timber frame:


Speed of Construction

  • Timber frame is typically 30% faster than traditional construction methods such as brick and block, concrete, steel or aluminium and addresses one of the key issues of a successful build – getting your structure weather tight as quickly as possible.
  • Timber frame structures are precision engineered and quality assured. They are a widespread building method in many other parts of the developed world including Sweden, Canada, USA and Japan.
  • Timber frame construction is not weather-dependant which makes project planning more predictable and reduces risk.
  • Internal works can run parallel to external finishes.
  • An average four-bedroom house can be erected and made watertight within seven days.
  • Typically, a 40% reduction in heating costs can be achieved due to improved thermal performance.

Quality & Cost Benefits

  • Timber frame is a lightweight construction method requiring less expensive and simpler foundations.
  • The factory-controlled production environment results in a reduction in direct construction costs, a significant reduction in total project costs and substantial reductions in whole-life cycle costs.
  • Our precision engineered and quality assured timber frame systems are less reliant on sub-contractor site skills, meaning the economic use of materials, less waste and better health and safety.
  • We manufacture our timber frame systems in our own factory environment to further improve project efficiency, reduce onsite activity and reduce delays.


  • Timber frame is the UK’s fastest growing construction method and is becoming the most popular route to a greener and more environmentally conscious structure.  With the latest building regulations demanding the use of more sustainable materials the reasons for its increasing popularity are clear.
  • Timber delivers a high-performance building solution that directly contributes to achieving higher Code for Sustainable Homes Levels and Passivhaus standards when the brief demands.  Using timber technology is a huge motivation in achieving high commitment to environmental best practice and Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Our Fabric First approach creates a high performance, thermally efficient building envelopes that can meet higher levels of the Code, without the need to rely on expensive energy-saving bolt ons.



Why Structural Timber?

  • Environmentally friendly way to build
  • Recyclable, biodegradable and waste efficient
  • A carbon neutral construction material
  • Delivers greater design flexibility
  • Significant reduction in project time and costs
  • Offers a thermally efficient construction method
  • Creates an energy efficient, comfortable home with lower running costs

Frame TechnologiesTM sources FSC® and PEFC timber from well managed forests with full traceability.  We pride ourselves on our quality which shows in our quality controlled processes