Our unique TechVantage™ systems are at the forefront of structurally insulated panel technology, delivering exceptional energy-efficient building envelopes, with a range of options to meet clients’ unique needs.

With three systems to choose from, we’re introducing you to each system one by one, along with why the particular system may be best suited for your project, and real life examples of how it has worked for our clients.

To kick things off, we’re starting with TechVantage™ E.

TechVantage™ E is our super insulated panel system. It consists of a 140mm panel containing 100mm Rigid Polyurethane Insulation centrally fitted in the panel. The panel has a 9mm OSB outer sheathing with a choice of breathable membranes.

Internally, it has a liner of Rigid Polyurethane Insulation – the thickness can vary from 20mm to 120mm, depending on the U-value required. The joints in the liner are taped and additional intelligent membrane is fitted prior to service battens. Plasterboard can then be screwed through the extra insulation or vapour control layer.

The traditional timber frame system offers factory-fitted rigid polyurethane insulation with a single frame 140mm panel solution and U-values from 0.23 to 0.09 W/ m²K.

A popular choice with self-builders, TechVantage™ E is a fantastic solution to deliver high energy-efficiency in buildings with features that normally cause heat loss, such as tall ceilings, while reducing the ongoing energy costs during the lifetime of the building. It’s a firm favorite for achieving brilliant U-vales for self-builders on a tight budget, offering a very well performing external wall with minimal thickness, to allow for maximum floor area in the finished home.

Why should I choose TechVantage™ E?

If you’re looking for a very well performing external wall, with the thinnest possible wall thickness then TechVantage E™ is the system for you, leaving as much valuable floor area as possible in your finished home.

Many clients who have chosen TechVanatage E in the past have chosen it based on the potential energy-efficiency levels that the system can achieve. Here are two examples of very different homes that benefitted from TechVantage E:

Case Study: TechVantage™ E kept the costs down for Birchfield

TechVantage™ E was the driving force behind award-winning build, Birchfield; not just for structure but also for reducing the lifelong heating bills of the home. The TechVantage™ E system helped to improve thermal bridging and minimise air leakage, resulting in a highly energy-efficient envelope. The system was enhanced with 9mm OSB, foil breather paper and brickwork, combined with internal polythene vapour barrier service batons and 19mm vapour board, resulting in a U value of 0.19.

This solution was the perfect system for overcoming the challenges of this particular design. By approaching us in the early stages of their project, we were able to modify the timber frame system to accommodate the design’s features. This included manufacturing metal web floors which allowed the property to reap thermal, acoustic and sustainability benefits.


Case Study: TechVantage™ E updated a historic family home

When it came to The Granary, the challenges were completely different. The home-owners were living in a historic cottage, but with a growing family, they needed more room. When choosing to extend their existing property, timber frame was the obvious choice. It sensitively complemented the structure of the original building, while the short, two-week build time also meant that the family experienced minimal disruption and didn’t have to move out of their home.

TechVantage™ E’s breathable insulation package  provided their extension with U-values of 0.17, exceeding Building Regulation requirements and solving the family’s struggles to heat their property efficiently and consistently. As well as providing the basis of a much needed extension, TechVantage™ E was a key factor in reducing their energy bills – their old aga system is just a decorative feature now!

The ever popular TechVantage™ E system has the ability to breathe new life into old buildings, as well as providing cost-effective building envelopes for brand new self-build projects. For more information on TechVantage™ E and the rest of our TechVantage™ systems, click here.