Following on from our blog on TechVantage™ E, we’re now looking at TechVantage™ S, along with reasons for choosing this particular system, and some real life examples of how TechVantage™ S has worked for our clients.

TechVantage™ S is our super insulated breathable panel system. It’s based on a single panel system and can achieve U-values from 0.24-0.10 W/ m²K. Loved by self-builders looking for an energy-efficient breathable wall solution, this system is also a brilliant option for self-build barn conversions, pre-existing structures and extensions, as it delivers high air-tightness in critical areas, such as intermediate floor to external wall panels.

TechVantage™ S consists of a 140mm panel with glass mineral wool/any natural breathable insulation tightly packed between a sheathing board and a wood fibre board, with a choice of breathable membranes. On the inside of the panel, a service batten is fitted to the OSB.

The system can be paired with various external claddings, from traditional masonry to lightweight claddings renders.

Why should I choose TechVantage™ S?

If you want a well performing wall that MUST be breathable, TechVantage™ S using Glasswool / natural insulation is the system for you, resulting in a freely breathable wall solution.

Here are two examples of very homes that have benefitted from TechVantage™ S:

Case Study: TechVantage™ S takes on the challenge of barn conversions: Leadon Dale

TechVantage™ S created a winning combination for barn conversion, Leadon Dale. Changing an agricultural dwelling into a cosy new home required innovation. Retaining the original steel framework as per Permitted Development Part Q and not increasing the size of the building, TechVantage™ S was the perfect system to integrate architectural drawings and additional client design requests.

The system helped to improve thermal performance through the floor zone by accommodating 254mm top hung mental joists instead of traditional ring beams. The breathable wall principle with natural insulation ensured a U-value of 0.14.



Case Study: TechVantage™ S ensured Ashfield Cottage’s lifetime low budget plan

Homeowners of Ashfield Cottage had limited funds and no construction experience. The objectives were clear – build a home to fit in with the surroundings of the nearby Luton Conversation Area; meet their mortgage providers request stipulation of achieving energy rating B, and to do it for a minimal budget.

TechVantage™ S was the best system for the required energy rating of B, providing ample insulation opportunities. Opting for recycled glass wool timber batt and a PIR liner board with full air-tightness, this building envelope met the brief of budget and energy-efficiency. Achieving an optimum U-value of 0.14, the owners not only met their mortgage provider’s stipulations, but they’re now also making considerable savings on energy costs throughout the lifetime of their home.

Using TechVantage™ S, Frame Technologies was able to offer additional thermal enhancing techniques to get the most out of the property:

  • Inserting airtightness rips during the construction phase
  • Adopting top hung mental web floor joists
  • Constructing the roof from glulam laminated roof purlins and double bob tail trusses
  • Providing advice to the owners on sealing joints when installing further insulation.

Recognising the requirements of the conservation area, Frame Technologies finished the property with small oak elements, internally and externally, reflecting not only the local area, but the exquisitely crafted timber frame system within.

TechVantage™ S breathes new life into pre-existing structures, and meets the needs of self-builders who want to create cosy long-lasting homes. For more information on our TechVantage™ systems, click here.