In the final installment of our TechVantage blog series, here’s a closer look at TechVantage™ T, including reasons for choosing this particular system, and some real life examples of how TechVantage™ T has worked for our clients.

TechVantage™ T is our super insulated breathable twin frame panel system, constructed using two 90mm studs with a 90mm separation, fully fitted with glass mineral wool/any natural breathable insulation.

The insulation is tightly packed between a sheathing board and a wood fibre board to improve airtightness levels with a choice of breathable membranes, achieving impressive U-values ranging from 0.13 to 0.09 W/ m²K and the all-important thermal bridging.

This system runs with a twin stud solution, allowing it to vastly reduce the timber fraction content of the wall solution to improve the overall performance of the build.

The external claddings can vary from traditional masonry to lightweight claddings renders and even cedar shingles.

Known as the ‘Big Brother’ of all our TechVantage™ systems, TechVantage™ T makes the most of timber frame’s highly adaptable qualities. This system consistently delivers energy-efficient buildings without the use of expensive bolt on technologies. Adaptable and flexible, this system is perfect for delivering the more complex design features of your self-build project.

Tech Vantage™ T is a great option for self-builders looking to achieve high-performing buildings, while using sustainable materials. Its superior twin frame system delivers superior thermal and airtightness properties.

Why should I choose TechVantage™ T?

If you’re looking for ultra-low U-Values near Passive House standard and want to use natural insulation, Tech Vantage T twin stud is the system for you.

Here’s a brilliant example of how TechVantage™ T has performed in a fantastic project in Cholesbury:

Case Study: TechVantage™ T met our client’s objectives for Highfield

After knocking down an impractical and inefficient dormer bungalow, the homeowners decided to create a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient home overlooking the Chiltern hills. They were determined their new home would be highly efficient with a reduced impact on the ecological environment.

The strength of TechVantage™ T meant that the build could simultaneously combine a series of advanced design features, including vaulted and semi vaulted ceilings in each room with exposed glulam purlins. These features, in partnership with the building’s sustainable materials, created a self-build home that brought together traditional aesthetics with modern building practices, resulting in a warm and cosy, yet stylishly modern family home.

Overall this building envelope achieved a U-value of 0.11 W/m2k.

Popular TechVantage™ T is well prepared to take on any design, especially if you have aggregated project elements. For more information on TechVantage™ T and the rest of our TechVantage™ systems, click here.