Frame Technologies specialising in energy efficiency

Heat and Energy Ltd design and project manages for the self-build market, specialising in energy efficiency. Based in Swindon, the business works alongside companies like Frame Technologies on self-build projects all across England and Wales.

We’ve once again spoken to David Hilton, Director at Heat and Energy Ltd, to find out more about the energy efficiency offering to the self-build market.

What do you offer to the self-build market?

At Heat and Energy Ltd, we work with self-builders to understand how people want to live in their new home. Once we know this, we suggest the best products and building integration methods for the new build. Our key skill is knowing the markets and the products best suited to individual lifestyle patterns and needs.

We appreciate that every self-builder has a unique wish list of how they want their home to perform. It’s our job to understand the relationship between building materials and fabric specifications so we can suggest the right solutions. Allowing the self-builder to know the benefits or any implications of one building material over another means they can make informed decisions about what to build their dream home with.


At what stage do you speak to the self-builder?

We provide support to the self-builder at every stage, from the planning stages right through to the building process and installation.

We’re often at the UK self-build trade shows, both in-person or virtually. At these shows we speak to everyone from prospective self-builders who don’t even have a plot of land yet, to people who have conditions on planning for improving energy efficiency and are looking for advice on how to lower their emissions. These early conversations are exciting as it’s at this stage where the self-builder starts to understand what is possible with their build.

We love a challenge and suggest the most energy efficient option for their build – whether it’s what material they build with, like timber frame, or what heating system they choose to install.

Why should self-builders choose timber frame?

Timber delivers energy–efficient homes and has a low environmental impact as a material. Timber frame offers very good heating and performance options and because timber is precise, you can guarantee energy performances more as it’s not as open to inconsistencies as other building materials.

If people mention that they’re considering building with timber frame, we always suggest they have a call with Simon Orrells at Frame Technologies. Simon really is a fount of knowledge and can talk through plans or ideas to explain why timber would be a good choice of building material.


What are your key pieces of advice?

It’s important to know what you want. “Energy efficiency” looks different to different people, so having a clearer understanding of what you need your new home to do, or how it needs to perform, really helps in those early stages.

We’re finding now that it’s becoming increasingly common for self-builders to choose the ventilation or heating systems before the building system. While it’s great that people have energy efficiency in the forefront of their minds at the very beginning of the project, it’s so important to think of the bigger picture. Previously people used to build a house and then add their boiler in at the end. Now in 2021, technologies MUST be included in the planning and design process.

Frame Technologies joins multiple aspects of the build programme together, including energy efficiency. This ensures everything works in harmony and, essentially, leads to improved thermal performance.


To find out more about building with Heat and Energy Ltd and Frame Technologies, give us a call on 01544 267 124 or drop us an email.