Pre-cut and random soleplates for single layers are available in 90mm x 38mm, 140mm x 38mm or as a double panel set up to fit your timber frame.  We will include the appropriately sized DPC for fixing below the soleplates and proprietary straps. Alternatively, we will provide fixings for securing the soleplates to the slab or block up stand as specified by our engineer.  Customers should provide radon protection, which must be installed prior to the erection of the timber frame.

Pre-cut floor joists include trimmers, beams and blocking. Standard floor joists are available in 195mm x 45mm and 220mm x 45mm.  Engineered floor joists are available in depths of 225mm, 256mm or 304mm.

Floor cassettes are available on request for projects that require shorter erection periods and have full access for crane erect.  We supply 22mm peel clean tongue and groove P5 chipboard with tape for joints and nail holes or 18mm OSB sub-deck for use with underfloor heating systems and soundproof floor applications.