The last few months have been an unsettling time for everyone. As some countries start to ease lockdown restrictions, UK manufacturing plants are slowly reopening and projects are kicking back in. It feels like we can start looking to the future again.

While most of us have spent the last few weeks working from home, work has most definitely not stopped. This is certainly the case for us.  

We decided at the start of 2020 that the time had come to refresh our brand. As we emerge into a very changed world, it seems a more appropriate time than ever before. With over 20 years in the timber industry, we understand that businesses need to evolve to keep up with the requirements of our customers. For us, it’s about staying fresh, relevant and getting our message across – reminding existing customers why they come to us, and explaining to potential customers why they should get in touch.

Our message is a simple one: at Frame Technologies, your self-build is in safe hands. We are a small, family business, with expert knowledge, offering friendly, hands on support. Our MD, Simon Orrells is not just the face of our business, he is the business. There’s nothing he doesn’t know about timber. Simon is there to help you every step of the way with a smile on his face and a plan in his hand. There’s nothing he likes more than a challenge, and his mantra is ‘if it can be drawn; it can be built!’.

So, with this in mind, the house in our logo is no longer in the middle of our name, it encompasses it.

Get in Touch

We hope you like our updated look, and we’re excited to move forward together with you. If you’ve spent the last few weeks and months considering the next step on your self-build journey or need advice on how to get started on building your dream home, give us a call on 01544 267 124 or drop us an email.