In June, important new Building Regulation changes were introduced for new homes built in England. The changes were first announced in December 2021 by the government in a move to help the UK deliver net zero. Now, new homes in England will have to produce significantly less CO2 and this may impact self-builders, renovators and extenders.

In this blog we’ve outlined what the changes are and what they mean for self-builders, but as always, if you have any questions, please do get in touch with the team.

What are the new Building Regulation changes?

The changes, first announced in December 2021, relate to the energy-efficiency of buildings. From 15 June 2022, all new homes must produce 30% less carbon dioxide emissions than existing standards. As heating and powering buildings currently make up around 40% of total energy use, the government is looking to significantly reduce this.

The Building Regs also include new standards to reduce energy use and carbon emissions during home improvements. However, the old rules may still apply to certain home projects depending on how far along in the planning process you are.

There have been uplifts to two existing Regs:

  • Part L (Conservation of Fuel and Power) – including updated insulation requirements for new homes and a tightening of U-values;
  • and Part F (Ventilation) – to make it easier for self-builders and renovators to understand the impact of ventilation in a home.

There are also two new Building Regs:

  • Part O (Overheating) – to limit excess solar gain and remove excess heat;
  • and Part S (Electric Vehicle Charging), which aims to futureproof homes and buildings via the installation of charging points for electric vehicles.

Impacts to your self-build

While the rules have taken effect, if your project had Building Regulations approval before 15 June 2022 then the old standards still apply. You have until 15 June 2023 to begin the work before the approval lapses.

At Frame Technologies, we’re doing modelling work on some of the changes and we’ll provide more advice on this in the coming weeks and months, but as always, you can discuss this with us at any time.

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