Chris and Jenny Shepperd’s self-build property, Gryphon House, has inspired self-builders up and down the country, and it’s easy to see why.

In this podcast, Frame Technologies revisits Chris and Jenny one year since their home was named ‘Star of the Show’ at the National Self-Build and Renovation Centre event in May 2022. We discuss the past twelve months in their modern eco home, revealing how renewable technologies stop them from worrying about their energy use, what living in a Passive House is like, and what advice they would give self-builders who are about to start their project.

The Shepperd’s story

After living in period properties, Chris and Jenny finally decided to build a modern energy-efficient home- the perfect space for all the family to visit. The couple had previously worked with Frame Technologies on a garage renovation that used timber frame, so when it came to picking a building material for the new self-build project, it was clear that the same building material could deliver on their objectives and more. And, having previously worked with Frame Technologies, they knew that MD Simon Orrells would be integral to achieving the finished product they desired.

The technical details

Simon introduced the couple to the company’s unique TechVantageTM S timber frame system. It’s a breathable, closed panel system lined inside with a 50mm PIR liner with Thermo breather paper on the outside. Accompanying this, the property is fitted with superglass acoustic insulation in the internal walls and floor zone. Altogether this building solution achieved an exemplary SAP rating of 99.

But timber frame didn’t just deliver high energy performance. It was also vital for facilitating the property’s stand-out features, including the cantilevered staircase, the floating balcony, and vaulted ceilings.

If you’d like to know more about the full details of this house, check out our case study here.

Living in an eco-home has changed Chris and Jenny’s lives.

Timber frame excels at accommodating renewable energy technologies, and Chris and Jenny have been reaping the benefits. Thanks to the high energy performance of timber frame, combined with air source heat pumps and other renewable energy methods, bills were averaging out a fraction of the cost of the usual household bill- and our podcast reveals just how much. Reduced costs along with energy from sustainable sources means they’re no longer worrying about their energy use on the daily.

Timber frame success

Success didn’t finish with a completed home. Whether it’s enjoying the luxury of a house that meets Passive House standards or reduced energy costs, Chris and Jenny feel the benefits of choosing a timber frame home every day.

It’s not just other self-builders who recognise the sheer achievement of this stunning home; the industry backs Gryphon House too. In 2021 it was named ‘Best Timber Frame Home’ at the 2021 Build It Awards, and in May 2022, it was named ‘Star of The Show’ at the National Self-Build and Renovation Centre Spring Show.


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