Finding a location is an important part of the self-build process

Finding a location is an important part of the self-build process and this is where Plotsearch support can come in. You may know exactly how you want your dream house to look but if it’s not in the right location, it won’t be a dream come true. However, not every plot is right for every home, so there are a variety of factors to consider when looking for a plot. Ample time should be taken to identify the best location for your self-build home and Plotsearch can make this process much easier.

We recommend BuildStore PlotSearch, the UK’s premier land-finding resource. Using this tool, you can source your perfect plot of land for free. Once signed up, you will have access to the UK’s largest and most accurate database of self-build opportunities for timber frame projects. All PlotSearch listings are reputable, and many plots listed are not available through other providers. You can also sign up for ‘PlotAlert’ email notifications to receive listings as soon as they are published.

Planning permission is guaranteed with all PlotSearch building plots. Without planning permission, land cannot be used as a building plot, so this is why PlotSearch only pursues building opportunities that have planning in place. This is an important part of the service because an empty piece of land does not necessarily make a viable plot. You may spot some land on a Sunday drive that you feel would make your ideal home location, but for any number of reasons it might not achieve planning permission. Rather than being set up for disappointment, using PlotSearch ensures that every plot you see and like the look of could really turn into a genuine opportunity to build.

Note: Refurbishment opportunities do not usually require planning permission as long as no structural or exterior changes are required (meaning that conversions typically do require planning permission).

PlotSearch is updated daily, using multiple sources to ensure you never miss out on an ideal plot of land. To further ensure accuracy, PlotSearch contacts contributors every fortnight to review listing information.

Why Subscribe to PlotSearch?

  • 1000s of genuine building opportunities with planning permission

  • 100s of new plots added weekly

  • Easily search for your plot in one central place

  • Access specialist mortgage advice and exclusive deals

  • Get expert support, latest news updates, plus free tickets to the biggest homebuilding events

How to Use Plotsearch

  • Search ideal locations for you to find building plots in the right places

  • Instantly access comprehensive details about the plots and projects that interest you

  • Contact sellers directly to ask questions, arrange viewings or place offers

  • Use PlotAlert emails to be notified when new listings that meet your criteria become available

Get started on the search for your perfect plot today by visiting the PlotSearch website. It’s simple to get started and you can filter results by location, and then by type of plot, town or city, building opportunities and price. You will also find helpful information about financing your project with BuildStore, which you can also read about here.

Finding a location is an important part of the self-build process