When the pandemic hit last year, we all went into risk assessment mode. Along with extra hand washing at home and mask wearing in the supermarket, at Frame Technologies, we added infection control measures and worked out how we could continue to build homes within the new guidelines.

As panic set in about recessions and restrictions, what we didn’t anticipate last year was that the biggest crisis we’d face in the industry would be caused by supply and demand issues. Anyone who has started on their self-build journey will understand the challenges in the market right now. Supply is a problem throughout the supply chain and in almost every industry, which is unfortunately increasing lead times and pushing up prices.

This is an incredibly frustrating time for everyone. Those who are keen to progress their dream may be tempted to move away from timber frame in a bid to get your build moving more quickly and for a lower price, but supply is causing complications across all building materials.

Why should I build with timber frame?

It is true that timber prices have increased significantly over the last nine months, but this is also the case for materials such as brick and block, concrete, SIPs and oak frame. The key thing to keep in mind is that despite the adjustment in price, timber frame remains the most cost-effective building material.

Timber frame is quick to build and easier to plan – offering more control over your build costs in the short term, while also delivering the most air-tight and energy efficient envelope of any building material on the market – so saving you money in the long term.

There has also never been a better time to choose a complete build system – and timber frame is the only solution to offer all the walls, floors and roof in one package, with one designer and engineer, and one point of contact. This means if there are price increases or product shortages, you’re going to know about it at the same time – so you won’t be left with a half-built house with no roof or doors while you wait for materials to arrive. A complete build system is the best way to help with budget control, programme certainty and quality of build.

Timber frame also remains the most sustainable build method. If you’re looking for a lifetime home with a conscience, timber is the only organic, non-toxic, naturally renewable building material. It also results in an air-tight envelope, reducing the need to warm your house through other means.

We know the current situation is putting pressure on self-builders, and we’re doing everything we can to ensure continuity of supply and to keep costs down. If you have any questions about your timber frame project, or you’d like more information on why a complete build system is the best solution, please get in touch. We’re always available to help and look forward to hearing from you!

Please call us on 01544 267 124 or you can email: enquiries@frametechnologies.co.uk.